The bride wore Nude Power Mesh and Tulle. Sewing for Sink the Pink

I had loads of fun sewing this catsuit for Sink the Pink’s Wedding themed night. As ever, my muse and collaborator on this was Glynfamous.


This was made around the middle of April and I think I’ve only just managed to put the memory of all that gathering of tulle behind me.


12 inches is enough, right? ; )


My output has been pretty literal lately – chickens, Flamingotits, pineapple dress, Divine, Diana Ross (haven’t posted some of those yet) – and these bring me a lot of joy, to the point that I end up laughing to myself and startling the cats. But this look was one of the more conceptual costumes I’ve made this year. I really wanted to make it beautiful.

Glyn started by emailing me (two links maybe not safe for work, transparent dress = nipples. The horror etc) this with a preference for ‘preferably peach, maybe nude’. Here’s another pic. So the inspiration was only Alexander bloody McQueen. Something like this had to be nude-toned, and to make life more difficult for myself, I decided to make the shoulder detail symmetrical. Because, obviously, I like to hate myself.


Not quite symmetrical here but you see where I’m heading. The tulle was folded once lengthwise, then I ran it through my overlocker on a gathering setting. The tension wasn’t quite high enough so I held one of the threads down as it fed through to increase it – just thinking about that makes me wince for my poor old loyal Janome. Sorry girl, I put you through so much, sequins, PVC, fake fur… and you never let me down. Rather than piss myself off and stitch the tulle directly on to the cat suit, I stitched it to a power mesh panel and hand stitched that to the cat suit.


I hand stitched the zip at the back and it was finished but not quite ‘done’. A few beads, later and I was finally happy with it. I like a bit of movement and it breaks up the colour.

So, there is is. McQueen-inspired wedding cat suit. Although I think I may have been subconsciously channelling my parents’ chickens.


This is one of my favourite photos of Glyn ever, on stage being piggy-backed by Steph of The Bethnal Green Working Man’s Club. I’ve taken this from the Sink The Pink Instagram account – NSFW.


I also made a little something for myself, more on the cat print dress later…



About Vanessa

Sewing and assorted nonsense. For reasons that escape me, I left the sunshine and beaches of Australia for the crisps and glitter of London in 2001. I now live in the middle of some kind of feline drop-in centre in East London battling for space to make costumes and clothes. Over on twitter and instagram as @smittenness Email over here ------>
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5 Responses to The bride wore Nude Power Mesh and Tulle. Sewing for Sink the Pink

  1. Leila says:

    This is awesome! Oh yeah tulle! Ugh. Hope you can take another nostalgia pill to dull the memory. Haha and your cat dress looks amazing on you!

  2. I love the nude costumes! Shoulder tutus are definitely going to make an appearance in one of my costumes one of these days. Brilliant!

  3. Emma says:

    Can’t wait to hear more about the cat dress. Hi – I have been reading for a while but never left a comment before. I’m from Perth too, love your blog.

    • smittenness says:

      Thank you! What a lovely thing to read! The cat dress was two (admittedly awful) dresses I found at the markets, chopped up and made into one dress. I wish I could wear it more frequently! I hear you’re having a very cold winter, so kind of like our summer atm!

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