Sewing the Sink the Pink Winter Ball. If you can’t stand the heat, get a load of Jono Kitchens in this body con dress.

And to the final piece I made for the Sink the Pink Winter Ball. Sewing these was a load of fun and it was such a pleasure to spend time with Jono.

Here she is at The Bethnal Green Working Man’s Club for a rehearsal.

Sink the Pink

Ladies. Smoking Area, indeed!

The original conversation we had about this outfit involved “Vanessa, I’d love something similar to this. Nipped in waist, big hips”. If you didn’t click through, “this” is a retro, vampy, Judy Jetson-esque outfit worn by Sharon Needles of Ru Paul’s Drag Race fame. It was definitely the right look so now to make it practical for the choreography, and fire-eating (yes really).

Needless/Needles to say, I thoroughly enjoyed making this even though at the time I kept asking myself why I had decided on so many panels and why the hell I decided that right angles and symmetry should be involved at all. It’s basically the same catsuit pattern bodice extended into a dress so I could experiment with the cut outs and panels.

Pattern for Hot Heels All Fired Up Costume

Number all the panels!

I thought it best to ask “Are you boobing up for this number?”

“Probably not, I only have really bouncy, watery ones!”

I thought it better to leave the boob option open, so to speak, so we had this  homage to Janet-Super-Bowl-Jackson at the fitting. But slightly more graceful.

Sink the Pink Winter Ball

Born ready, imaginary heels even when only wearing socks.

I got a bit carried away with the sleeves, power mesh at the bicep and elbow and a fin at the armhole. The final look turned out like this.

Strong green brow.

Strong green brow.

Sink the Pink

And then there’s this over-the-shoulder-smouldering.

Sink the PinkThe hip pads were a bit of a head scratcher. I experimented with wire, wadding and swearing until I decided to use shoulder pads. I attached them to a belt that is stepped into, this way it can be used again.

I’m going to leave you with these particular bits of backstage joy.

Disnay Chanel and Joan Oh. Disnay's dress by Jay Barry Matthews.

Disnay Chanel and Joan Oh. Disnay’s dress by Jay Barry Matthews.

Joan Oh

Joan Oh

I’ve compiled the rest of the costumes I made for the Winter Ball in various other posts linked below. And if you poke around, you’ll find the Summer Ball posts too.



More Catsuits

More Jono in body con dresses.


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7 Responses to Sewing the Sink the Pink Winter Ball. If you can’t stand the heat, get a load of Jono Kitchens in this body con dress.

  1. It looks pretty wild! I bet it was loads of fun to sew and watch it flaunted 🙂

  2. Amazing! I love a strong green brow!

  3. I love this. I’m about use powermesh to line a jersey dress I’m making. Any tips on stitches, seam finishes etc.?

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