Sewing the Sink the Pink Winter Ball. Catsuits for professional show-off, Glynfamous.

Part 2 of the Sink the Pink costume sewing festival.  I hadn’t actually planned on making more than three main outfits for one of the dance numbers but I ended up getting really into things and ended up making two extra garments as well as my own hot mess of a dress. That’s not shade by the way, “professional show-off” , Glynfamous is a self-confessed professional show-off and scene stealer.


Sink the Pink Winter Ball

Unfortunately, the only photos I have of this outfit were taken on the night of the Ball during the performance. Excuse the back of that guy’s head, but I think it’s better to view a catsuit on stage, in it’s natural habitat, rather than on a hanger.

Sink the Pink Winter Ball

Yes, well, my camera seemed to only be interested in focussing on Fred on the right over there. Needless to say, he didn’t require my sewing services. Glyn, on the left, and Chester (centre) were kind enough to wear my catsuit offerings. I’ll get to Chester’s outfit later, here’s a rundown of Glyn’s first.

I was lent a pattern drafted by *Jay Barry Matthews, the costume director of the show. I made up a muslin first to see how quickly it came together.

Obviously, I had to stuff the crotch for added realism. Not sure I got the dimensions exactly right but I figured if I could get a pair of tights in there, it’d fit most! The next part was just deciding where to put the panels and be careful not to stretch the fabric as I overlocked it.

The majority of this was made of lycra but I incorporated a bit of power mesh and “rusty snake” fabric. I could’ve closed the front up but for ease (mine) I decided to leave it open.


It got a lot of use and I enjoyed making this almost as much as I did seeing it onstage.


I could happily make these all day.


The pattern for this catsuit was lent to me by very generous and talented Jay Barry Matthews. I’m really grateful for his help and encouragement in all this, it meant a lot to be trusted by someone so skilled and creative. Jay actually made a number of beautiful pieces for the show which were wonderful and an absolute joy to see onstage. I’ll post some of these up in the next few days.

Thank you Jay x


Jay, Sink the Pink


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