Sewing the Sink The Pink Summer Ball Costumes. An overview of all the bits with video.

Sewing all these costumes for Sink the Pink’s Summer Ball was a blast. And this is the last installment for this gig, I swear. This was one of the biggest sewing projects I’ve ever had and one of the most fun. I still can’t quite believe it all happened. But it did.


In a previous post I mentioned that context was the key to appreciating garments and creative work. So, in the spirit of contextualising what the hell I’ve been banging on about these past months, I’m adding youtube footage of the Sink the Pink Summer Ball. Enjoy, I did.

Sink the Pink Summer Ball

Opening act, 6 harness and cube costumes for the dancers. They’re down the front at the beginning of the clip. Song – XR2 by MIA.

Same costumes. Song – Satin Sheets sung by Glynfamous. And look at that headdress by Ivan Dauriz.

And again, Britney Spears’ Slave For You. Be warned, big snake. Big, big snake. Not a euphemism (for once).

Moving on to the Goddess theme. 6 individual Goddess Costumes for the 6 dancers.


Plus sequinned top and pants for AmyZing, centre front. And an extra cape (below) which I think was worn by Ness Abbot. Please note the McGyver Skillz I employed in creating “arms” for my tailor’s dummy


This one had lots of very dynamic choreography to consider. The guy centre front, in the Statue of Liberty headdress, is the choreographer Jonno Kitchens. He’s a talented, lovely and wickedly funny human who can teach pretty much anyone to dance in nosebleed heels. In fact, he put this costume together from bits of left over set.

Chester. Sweetheart.

Chester. Sweetheart.

If you’ve every thought about going to a Sink the Pink night, go. You’ll fit in because the whole concept of fitting in or being part of the “in crowd” is redundant. Just go. Turn up in a suit, in a graduation gown and mortarboard, in jeans and a t-shirt, in your pyjamas, in someone else’s pyjamas, whatever -wear it all at once if you feel like it. Just go, bring an open mind and an open heart and give yourself a chance to let go.

And if your shoes are falling off (like A Man to Pet’s) find me. I’ll probably be around and I’m bound to have something to patch them back together.

Too long didn’t read? Watch this.


More detailed posts over here if you can handle me banging on some more.

Harness costumes

Goddess Costumes

Ribbon Costume

Bubblegum pop costumes

Leopard print pvc (NSFW)

RocknRoll Cat remains unimpressed but he’s a tough critic so let’s disregard him for now.

Sink the Pink Summer Ball.


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