Sewing the Sink the Pink Summer Ball. Part 2.

This is the second set of costumes I sewed for Sink the Pink’s Summer Ball on June 21st – Goddess.

Sink the Pink Summer Ball

Sink the Pink Summer Ball

 Goddess was the second category (or theme) of the ball and the brief was “gold, white, floaty, Showgirls, there is no such thing as too much”. I loved, loved loved, making these. 

Jess. Fringe Goddess.

Here’s Kierah as Fringe Goddess. I think I took longer untangling this than I did sewing it together but, fuck that, it was worth it. I’d originally planned for the fringe to extend all the way along her arm but it wasn’t practical with the choreography. She worked really made this work and she’s so damn cute. 

Raven. Goddess of Wearing Not Much.




Maybe I’m stretching the definition of costume here but, come on, he looks fantastic. He also had to do a lot of lifting and flipping of another dancer. To avoid people getting tangled in sequins, it came down to pants, gloves and make-up. What you can’t see in this photo (or onstage) was that his arms were getting a bit Incredible Hulk on those gloves. 

Ted, Goddess of Sequins.Sink the Pink Summer Ball

Ted had to lift as well and I was a bit worried the cape would get tangled but these guys know exactly what they’re doing. 


Jess. Godd-jess.

I especially enjoyed working on this one. I added lots of handsewn details and, to be honest, I wasn’t sure when it was done, I was happy to keep working on it forever

Chester, Lampshade Goddess

The Lampshade, I stuffed it, watched a rehearsal, panicked, took the stuffing out. It looked deflated and sad, stuffed it again and it worked. Chester had to sacrifice a bit of armpit hair in order to keep it on but he’s a trooper.


I think the Kiss I was listening to at the time inspired this one. I’d padded it but once it was on, it looked like a disco American Football outfit. Unstuffed and cut right back, it looked much better.


Even with socks on, they made these looked good.






But in context, things always look better.






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