Burda drape top dress hack

I really like the clean lines on this Burda wrap blouse and whipped up a sleeveless muslin thinking I’d have to make a load of adjustments. But to my surprise it fit perfectly so I set about using the pattern to draft a dress. Cat photobomb as per usual, Jack can’t seem to get enough of the camera.


This is a basic bodice with bust darts, darts at the back and waist with a flared skirt I drafted thanks to Metric Pattern Cutting.


I lengthened the drape on the front and adjusted it until I was happy with where it fell. The drape means the bodice becomes the facing along the neckline, bonus!




I really like the boxy top with matching skirt detail that I keep seeing around. The idea of having a top that ends right at the smallest part of the waist is great but I haven’t really embraced high-waisted skirts or shorts so, for me, not really that wearable. The drape on the front of my dress was intended as a nod to that type of silhouette but a bit more everyday. I’d like to use a stiffer fabric next time to exaggerate it a bit more.

I seem to have hit the Princess Diana at the Taj Mahal stage with my fringe so maybe next time I’ll make something worthy of a dance with John Travolta.

Fabric from Goldhawk Road.



About Vanessa

Sewing and assorted nonsense. For reasons that escape me, I left the sunshine and beaches of Australia for the crisps and glitter of London in 2001. I now live in the middle of some kind of feline drop-in centre in East London battling for space to make costumes and clothes. Over on twitter and instagram as @smittenness Email over here ------> smittenness@gmail.com
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6 Responses to Burda drape top dress hack

  1. Lovely. That fabric is beautiful! And the cat photo bomb at the beginning is hilarious!

  2. Sasha says:

    Gorgeous fabric … Haha … the last photo is a blast!

  3. Lynne says:

    What a great dress, I love fabric, and the drapy bit on the bodice (that’s not a very good description, is it?!) Re your fringe – peservere. Don’t, whatever you do, take the head-staggers and take your good fabric scissors to it – it will be a disaster. Guess how I know that! And OMG, your cat is such a scene-stealer!!

    • smittenness says:

      Too late! I hacked at my fringe last night. It’ll be hats and headscarves find the next few weeks. And yes, that cat! One of three little photo bombers I live with. Cats everywhere!

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