Excuses, excuses, excuses. I’ve got ’em.

I had started a post listing the reasons why I had been so lax on posting but I managed to delete it all. It’s probably for the best.


My tea bullies me with wisdom.

The short version is that basically I’ve been doing the thing rather than writing and taking pictures of the thing. That thing being sewing. With Emil working abroad for the last few months, I somehow got around to transforming the flat into a sewing workshop. Complete with the one necessary can of Polish beer, an essential element in my creative process. Witness the creative process. The creative pro-mess.

That was the state of the flat the night before he was due back. I had about three things I was working on and at least one cat in the way at all times. I kept negotiating with myself, “just one more hour, I’ll just finish cutting this out then I’ll stop. Oh wait, it’s cut out, I may as well pin it together…oh hey, there’s no one living upstairs at the moment so I may as well keep sewing. How the hell is it 2am already?!”  I believe I was trying to distract myself that night as I was so very, very excited by the idea of having Emil home again. Four months not seeing each other is a long time. I was that excited there was no way I was going to be able to sleep.

I’ve made a load of stuff and some of it I even got round to finishing, I know, right?

These are just a few but there’s a half circle skirt I’ve just finished (the one I may have bitched about unfairly on twitter) and a couple of other bits and pieces I’m getting round to photographing.


About Vanessa

Sewing and assorted nonsense. For reasons that escape me, I left the sunshine and beaches of Australia for the crisps and glitter of London in 2001. I now live in the middle of some kind of feline drop-in centre in East London battling for space to make costumes and clothes. Over on twitter and instagram as @smittenness Email over here ------> smittenness@gmail.com
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