Self-drafted Purple Maxi- Skirt. (and Bluestockings)

A self-drafted and very wearable maxi-skirt. And an excuse to expound about the magic that is Bow, London E3.

Rocknroll photo-bombing me yet again.

Rocknroll photo-bombing me yet again.

I made this skirt at the end of last August but didn’t get much wear out of it until this summer. This might just be one of the most practical things I’ve made. Paralysed by choice, I ended up with self-covered buttons, which is no bad thing. The fabric is a bit sheer but a short self-lining sorted that out and the split makes walking around easier.

Self-covered buttonsYou might recognisethe pink top from a couple of weeks ago but I really like wearing this purple skirt with green, which segues nicely into…

Jack, poker-face cat.

Jack, poker-face cat.

These brilliant cards, Emil got them for me and they’re ace.

Suffragette playing cards

Suffragette playing cards

Especially ace since we live in in the heart of Pankhurt’s Suffragette movement. I had no idea how much I’d fall in love with E3 but, for a number of reasons, it really feels like home. I went on a little walk last week and for once I had enough time to actually stop and appreciate all the history.

This pub, The Lord Morpeth, used to be the home of Sylvia Pankhurst 1914-1924, I’ve not been in (yet) but there’s a nod to the building’s history on the sign out front.

In a strange reversal, this block of flats up the road from the Lord Morpeth used to be a pub. Sylvia Pankhurst took it over and it became a nursery, The Mother’s Arms.

There’s a sculpture down by Regent’s canal celebrating the suffragette history.

And the old Bryant and May Match Factory, site of the match girl’s strike, is just around the corner. Bow’s one of those places that is just magic and, right now, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I just wish the rain would stop so I could actually take pics out-and-about rather than in the garden all the time!

So what I want to know is, what do you love about where you live? And what secrets does your neighbourhood hold?


About Vanessa

Sewing and assorted nonsense. For reasons that escape me, I left the sunshine and beaches of Australia for the crisps and glitter of London in 2001. I now live in the middle of some kind of feline drop-in centre in East London battling for space to make costumes and clothes. Over on twitter and instagram as @smittenness Email over here ------>
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9 Responses to Self-drafted Purple Maxi- Skirt. (and Bluestockings)

  1. sewbusylizzy says:

    Great skirt & lovely colour.
    I love the natural beauty of where I live, the beaches & river are just beautiful – and right on town!

  2. sewexhausted says:

    Those self covered buttons DO make that skirt! And the slit is great too… I have to be honest- I don’t really like where I live! I just ended up here and hope to relocate when my kids are grown up. Isn’t that AWFUL!? I CAN leave my little city though and go to the beach or mountains which is nice. ~Laurie

    • smittenness says:

      Not so awful, where would you like to live? I don’t think I’ve had enough exposure to mountain environs, would love to spend more time in them.

      • sewexhausted says:

        Well, I guess I need to figure out that one too! I like the coast and if I stay here in So. California I would move closer to the water (I am only 25 minutes away but it makes a difference!) … I LOVE Oregon near the Rogue River so maybe some day I can relocate. We shall see!

  3. What a lovely neighborhood — and the cards are very interesting too.
    Regards to the photo-bombing kitty!

  4. ksgentry says:

    I live in Southern Indiana, we are rich in history, the Lewis and Clark Expedition began here, we are home to the second largest clock in the world, bordered by the Ohio River and live just a hop, skip and a jump from the 27th largest city, Louisville Ky, home of the Kentucky Derby, where beautiful horses meets well dressed ladies on a lovely sunny day in May. There is no place like home!

  5. Nice post I’d been looking for a picture of the suffragette sign on the Lord Morpeth. It’s no longer there sadly, I wonder what they did with it

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