Sewing Hiatus in order to drag myself round Italy

Did you know hotels still provide those dinky little sewing kits?

Courtesy of Hotel Notarie. Reggio Emilia

Courtesy of Hotel Notarie. Reggio Emilia

Not doing so much sewing at the moment as I’m currently dragging a suitcase across  Emilia-Romagna in Italy for three weeks. Don’t be too jealous, I’m mostly working. It is, however, really very lovely! I’ve been spending a couple of days in each town and then moving on.

I’ve gone back and forth between Ferrara, Modena, Carpi and I’m currently in Reggio Emilia. Only two more stops to go, Cesena (possibly a side trip to Rimini) and Bologna – where I will spend yet another birthday in Italy on my own (but not really complaining). I’ve  already been out here for two weeks, one more to go.

Emilia Romagna is where last year’s earthquake hit, about this time too. The towns in the photos had some damage but I was in Rovereto and Novi earlier this week where the most damage was done and those towns were pretty much destroyed. A lot of empty blocks where houses used to stand and entire city centres just gone. I had a chance to talk to a lot of the locals and, despite their upbeat nature, they are suffering. I can’t imagine what that kind of thing does to a community. I do know that if the Italian government were less concerned with lining their own pockets and more concerned helping their own citizens, these people could be in more permanent housing. I actually have an Italian passport and am able to vote ….ma, che casino .

I was in Genova last year when it hit, that particular part of the country wasn’t affected but I did find myself jolted awake at 4am. On sticking my head out of my room I found a bunch of other guests in the hall looking perplexed. I cannot imagine how terrifying it must have been for the people in Rovereto and surrounds.

I spent some time in L’Aquila the year after they had  their own earthquake in 2009 too. There was nothing in the town centre, everything was boarded up and it was heart-breaking. That was the one after which Berlosconi said “Hey! Your house and business has gone and we’ve got this shitty makeshift accommodation but, y’know, it’s like camping, lol”I might be misquoting him here but whatever.

Somehow this has gone off on a tangent, I didn’t realise this had actually got into my head so much.

Back to Emilia-Romagna. It’s a truly beautiful region and the food is amazing, but then, I’ve never really eaten badly in Italy. My arms are getting very strong with all the packing and hauling my bags up and down all the bloody stairs and across train platforms. And since I live a fairly monastic existence when I’m on these trips, I’m probably going to end up losing weight and having to re-do all my sewing blocks. Swings and roundabouts, eh?


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