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Cats at every turn.

It’ll come to no surprise but as I was sifting through my photos earlier this week, I realised I have a lot of pics of my cats. Not just of the cats, but of the cats sitting in places they … Continue reading

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Crocheted Cowl of many colours. (two colours really but who’s counting?)

I’m embracing the cowl neckline! And getting crochet involved in this revolution. After years of convincing myself I shouldn’t wear them, I’ve given in. It’s also taken me 12-odd years of living in the UK to finally accept that, yes, … Continue reading

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Obligatory Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Post

Jack disapproves of the commodifictaion of love. Actually, he’s probably thinking “biscuits” “fighting” or “what haven’t I pissed on yet?” But he is very, very, very photogenic and very sweet-natured so I can forgive him. These little crocheted hearts were … Continue reading

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Self-drafted, Three-way, Reversible Dress.

Finally, my self-drafted, three-way, reversible dress is complete! It’s a reversible, it’s a three-way, it’s a self-drafted….dress. And it’s nowhere near as kinky as it sounds. I posted a pic of this when it was still a work in progress … Continue reading

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