Holloway hemline. (aka Butterick B5132)

This dress is about three years old now and very well-loved. I should probably retire it but I’m a bit sentimental about it and everything else. Why Holloway Hemline? I wore it to a Spacewasters gig in a pub in Holloway. See? I’m so ridiculously sentimental I remember stuff like that. Or maybe I just like alliteration.

It’s based on this Butterick pattern. Pleats at the waist give it a nice silhouette and make it comfortable to wear. I love that detail so much that I it inspired me to make another dress (in pink and black) which is one of my current favourites. But that’s for next time.

Butterick B5132

The pattern makes no mention of jersey being a suitable fabric but, given my resistance to any written instructions, I disregarded that and made it in jersey anyway. To hell with zips and facing and fussing and all that nonsense! In fact, I didn’t even bother hemming it. To paraphrase my mum “why make life difficult for yourself?” She’s right. This thickness of jersey doesn’t curl or fray and the gathering on the sleeves disguises my laziness on not finishing the armholes.

There’s something weird going on with my fringe here.

Can you tell the armholes aren’t hemmed? Probably not and if you can, you’re probably wondering why the neckline’s so low. It’s OK though, the back is a little higher and it can be worn back-to-front too. See? Good things can happen when you get dressed without your contacts in. The back lacks the darts/pleats of the front and I stupidly cut out all the pattern pieces rather than just copying the front.

I really, really like white band at the bottom and it was completely unintentional. I got a bit carried away the weekend I was making this. At the time, I was living in a shared flat and usually restricted to sewing in this tiny space.

26 inches is not really long enough in this context.

26 inches is not really long enough in this context.

Do you see the size of that desk? The light was really good but it was almost impossible to lay anything flat if it was of any length (ahem). I sewed up the main part of this dress, put it on, realised I’d cut it too short and that I’d run out of black fabric. It was Saturday night and I wanted it done by the next day so I improvised. The hem is just doubled over and over-locked onto the main part. This pretty much marked my descent into my black-and-white obsession. Here’s what it (and I) looked like in 2009.

For goodness' sake cut that hair off!

For goodness’ sake cut that hair off!

Oh, I loved those tights. Especially with these shoes. No longer have the tights, still got the shoes.

Still got the guy in the white winkle-pickers.

I think my sewing has really come a long way since 2009 and it might be time to put this dress away but I’m still quite proud of this. It reminds me of the beginning of a really good time in my life and the end of a lot of stupid decisions.

Also, I was just getting to know this little guy.

Mini Andrew.

Mini Andrew.

Thanks Emil for braving the cold and taking the pics x


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